Game Locations

Tournament Locations


turtleTurtle Island

Set on a small island off Denpasar and known to the locals as a turtle breeding ground, Turtle Island allows players to experience Airsoft just a mere 15 minutes drive from Kuta. Turtle Island offers players a diverse playing field suitable for all player types.


mountainsBali Mountains

This arena is set in the mountains amongst the thick dense forests of Bali. It allows players to traverse, climb and cut their way through the expansive playing field for the ultimate skirmish experience.



amusementThe Abandoned Amusement Park

The Abandoned Amusement Park is an extremely unique place to play Airsoft. Set beside a white sandy beach, the Amusement Park features an area that is filled with Bali bushland, pathways, temples, uninhabited exhibits (crocodile and snake pits) and abandoned buildings.


campus2The College Campus

The College Campus offers players the ability to play in a large urban environment. The college offers many obstacles typically found on a man made Paintball or Airsoft field. Players should expect fast paced gameplay with close combat skills.


bedugalUbud Rice Fields

The rice field arena is on the outskirts of Ubud and offers players a cooler temperature and a vast green space to play. Set amongst the rice fields the playing field offers levels of terrain with steeper slopes, dirt trails and plenty of shrubbery to keep you hidden.

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