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AK-47 Hire Pack:

The AK-47 or the Kalashnikov is one of the most well-known and popular rifles in all of human history. They are used by millions around the world because of their durability and ease of use and as such it has become the most popular package of choice at Extreme Combat Sports. .

The AK-47 offers great reliability with a large magazine capable of holding over 500 rounds.  It can be operated in both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes to blast away your competition at 300-400 FPS.



G36C Hire Pack:

The G36C is designed for the soldier who needs to work in tight spaces.  The G36C boasts a drastically shorter barrel with reliability and accuracy to boot.  So if your one to get amongst it in the thick shrubbery of Bali's bushlands or just want a light weight and compact gun then the G36C is the one for you.



HK416 Hire Pack:

The NEW fully automatic HK416 modeled after Heckler & Koch's revolutionary modern carbine is available to Extreme Combat Sports.

The HK416 is a great choice for beginners who want a light weight, compact and fully automatic refile capable of firing over 300 feet per second!



M4 Hire Pack:

The M4, carbine brother of the M16, is a modern classic in its own right. Initially developed quite simply as the latest attempt at a more compact solution to the much longer M16 assault rifle, the M4 has gone on to steal the hearts and minds of gun aficionados around the world as much as a true staple of military grade combat carbines in general.

The M4 boasts unstoppable fire power  pushing out pellets at up to 400 feet per second in addition to a fully upgraded and tuned up gearbox, RIS, hi-cap magazine, crane stock and everything else that you need to out-perform your rivals.



M14 Hire Pack:

The M14 sniper rifle offers players the ability to choose a stealth approach to their gameplay.  Players can find safety in abandoned buildings or in thick bushland and pick off enemies from afar.  With a whisper quiet gearbox your competition wont know what hit them.



M16 Hire Pack:

The M16 rifle is one of the most popular firearm models available in airsoft. They are modeled after the AR-15. The M16 has been adopted for standard use by many military and law enforcement branches all over the planet.

The M16 at Extreme Combat Sports offers a muzzle velocity of 360 FPS and a magazine capacity of 300 rounds to ensure you have ample ammunition when out on the battlefield.

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