Airsoft is awesome!!!


I had an absolute blast playing with the crew in Kuta whilst on Holidays.  Wayan set me up with some top notch gear including a custom built automatic rifle, helmet and protective gear for a mere fraction of the cost I pay to play Paintball in Australia......  And with a thousand time more bullets :)


We played at an abandoned amusement park and I found myself traversing through crocodile pits, thick shrubbery and even having a shoot out on a sandy beach, it was pretty damn different to the poorly designed fields back in Australia and I truly felt I was in my element.


The games lasted around 5+ hours in total were we played three games.  The skills and techniques used were very familiar as an avid paintballer myself but appreciated the extra fire rate that the airsoft pellets offer over my tradition paintball gun.


Next time I will definitely hit the boys up at Extreme Combat Sports for another solid Sunday sesh!

Andrew Meagher, Paintball Enthusiast